Features Summary

mSecure 4 for Android comes loaded with the following features:

  • Unbreakable 256-bit Blowfish encryption so no one can break in to your records
  • Supports Dropbox syncing so you can sync your Android with other Android and iOS devices, and with your Mac or Windows desktop
  • Supports W-Fi syncing with Mac or Windows desktop computers
  • Revamped and versatile UI with a modern Android look and feel so mSecure can be easily operated using any Android device
  • Alpha-scroller in main view so you can easily access your records
  • Built-in search function to quickly find records by searching for words or numbers they contain
  • Built-in mSecure browser to quickly log in to websites stored in your records
  • Secure Web login data capture using the mSecure browser
  • Create custom type templates from scratch with any number of fields for storing the data in your records
  • Photo attachments so you can add images of your mSecure records (for example, passports or Social Security cards)
  • Custom icons so you can visually and quickly identify your records' types
  • Password generator so you can create complex website login passwords as well as your mSecure login password
  • Data self-destruct option so your data will be destroyed after a specified number of failed login attempts
  • New menu system grouping related functions
  • Automatic and manual data backup and restore using your device's internal SD card
  • Email backup and so you can easily back up and email your data to your Gmail account and restore when needed
  • Back up and restore using free desktop backup/restore utility mBackup
  • Deleted record recovery so you can retrieve accidentally deleted records
  • Login password with hint to secure your data
  • Auto-lock option to prevent accidentally leaving mSecure open on your device
  • Context-driven menu system so you can pull up the functions you need when you need them
  • Collapsible data section bars for logical groupings of records
  • Global collapsing or expansion of section bars
  • Lock button to immediately lock access to your records
  • Use various sorting methods to view your records by description, group, type, or date last modified
  • Import and export data from various file types (using mBackup or mSecure on the desktop)

mSecure for Windows and Mac

mSecure 4 for Android is designed to work with the Windows and Mac desktop versions of mSecure. You can sync and backup your Android app to the Windows or Mac versions of mSecure using Dropbox or a Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to feel safe in taking your mSecure data with you on your Android mobile device, knowing you have a backup on your desktop computer. Having the desktop versions can also make data entry easier since you have a full computer keyboard on the desktop.

We have 30-day-trial versions of the desktop software available for download on our website at www.msevensoftware.com/product-downloads.

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum requirement to use mSecure 4 for Android is Android OS 2.1 or higher.