If you just installed iOS 8

We believe we have fixed the bug causing the crashing issue after installing iOS8. Our developer immediately submitted the fix in a 4.0.3 update to Apple for review. Unfortunately, we don’t have control as to when Apple reviews a new version of an app submitted to them, but it will be available for download in the App Store as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you have a good backup of your records, or if you have another device running mSecure, we can work-around this issue by reinstalling mSecure on your device. The latest version of the mSecure4 is compatible with iOS 8, and the bug causing mSecure to crash is related to a font issue. As long as you don’t change the default “helvetica” font in mSecure 4.0.2, everything should work normally. You can proceed with the next set of steps as long as you have a good backup of your data.

In order to reinstall mSecure on your iOS device, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your iOS device, and find mSecure on your home screen
  • Tap and hold on the icon until it starts to wiggle
  • Tap on the circle with the X in it in the upper left of the icon
  • Confirm that you would like to delete the app
  • Next, open the App Store app
  • Tap on the Purchased button in the bottom right of your screen ** If you are on an iPhone, you will need to tap on Updates, then tap on Purchased at the top of the Updates screen
  • Find mSecure in the list, then tap on the cloud icon to install it on your device
  • Find mSecure on your home screen, and open it
  • After tapping on the “Start” button at the bottom of the Welcome screens, go ahead and set your password, making sure it is the same password you were using before the reinstall

Now, if you have an email backup, you can follow these steps to restore your records:

  • Open mSecure on your iOS device, and make sure the login password matches the password that was used in mSecure when the email backup was created
  • Open the “Mail” app from your home screen, and find the email with your backup file attached
  • Tap on the attachment, and mSecure will be opened
  • Enter you password
  • Tap on the red Restore button when prompted

After you have completed these steps, you should see all of your mSecure data on your device, and mSecure should be working normally as long as you only use the default, Helvetica font in the preferences of mSecure. Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know if you have any questions about this process.

If you need any further help, please email us at support@msevensoftware.com.

Add A Record Mac OSX / test

mSecure for MacOS Password Manager Tutorial Adding a Record

This tutorial will review the simple process of adding a record to mSecure. You can either watch the video on this operation or view the screen shots with written narration of the steps.

Video Tutorial

This video will take you through the process of adding a new record.

Add Record Tutorial (on iOS)

Narrative Tutorial with Screenshots

The following sequence of screen shots and narrative will walk you through the process of adding a record to mSecure Password Manager.

Field Types

The following is the list of field types available in mSecure and what they mean:

Text Field: Use this field for normal text data.

Text Field (no auto-correct): This field is similar to “Text Field” but doesn't auto-correct what you type.

URL Field: Use this field for URL's. The URL entered into this field will be underlined and in blue in the detail view. Tapping it will launch Safari with the URL.

Alpha-Numeric Field: !Use this field for fields that require mostly numbers but also might include other types of characters. It uses the standard iPhone keyboard but is switching to the numbers view.

Phone Number Field: "Use this field to enter in phone numbers. Any phone number
entered into a record of this type will show up underlined and in blue. Tapping the phone number will launch the iPhone's phone app with this number. (Not available on iPod touch.)

Email Field: Use this field to enter email addresses. An email address entered in a record of this type will show up underlined and in blue. Tapping the email text will launch the mail program with this email address pre-filled in.

Number Field: Use this field type for fields that only contain numbers. The keyboard used for this field doesn't contain any other symbols.

Username Field: Use this field for entering in usernames. This field is used when you use the “Auto-Copy” username feature of mSecure.

Password Field: Use this field for entering in passwords. This field is used when you use the “Auto-Copy” password feature of mSecure. Fields of this type also have the “Password Generator” icon appear next to it. Tapping on this icon will bring up the Password Generator feature of mSecure.

Default Types

Bank Accounts Description Account Number PIN Name Branch Phone No. Note
Birthdays Description Date Note
Calling Cards Description Access No. PIN Note
Clothes Size Description Shirt Size Pant Size Shoe Size Dress Size Note
Combinations Description Code Note
Credit Cards Description Card No. Expiration Date Name PIN Bank Security Code Note
Email Accounts Description Username Password POP3 Host SMTP Host Note
Frequent Flyer Description Number URL Username Password Mileage Note
Identity Description First Name Last Name Nick Name Company Title Address Address2
Identity(cont.) Home Phone Office Phone Mobile Phone Email Email2 Skype Website City State Zip Note
Insurance Description Policy No. Group No. Insured Date Phone No. Phone No. Note
Memberships Description Account No. Name Date Note
Note Description Note
Passport Description Name Number Type Issuing Country Issuing Authority Nationality Expiration Place of Birth Note
Prescriptions Description RX Number Name Doctor Pharmacy Phone No. Note
Registration Codes Description Number Date Note
Social Security Description Name Number Note
Vehicle Info Description License No VIN Date Purchased Tire Size Note
Voice Mail Description Access No. PIN Note
Web Logins Description URL Username Password Note
Unassigned Description Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 6 Note


If you run into a problem using mSecure please email us at support@msevensoftware.com. We are always here to help.

iCloud Sync Requirements:

  • mSecure must be purchased from the App Store (for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices) or
  • mSecure must be purchased from the Mac App Store (for Mac computers).
  • iCloud must be enabled on all devices for the mSecure app.


Can I use iCloud to sync with mSecure for Mac purchased from the mSeven Software website?

Sorry, only mSecure for Mac purchased from the Mac App is provisioned by Apple for iCloud services. Versions of mSecure purchased from the mSevenSoftware web site are not provisioned to access iCloud files and therefore it cannot access iCloud. If you want to use iCloud syncing, you will need to repurchase mSecure from the Mac App Store.


Can I use iCloud to sync with Windows or Android devices?

Sorry, the iCloud file system is not supported on Windows and Android operating systems.You will need to use Dropbox syncing to connect with Windows and Android devices.


If you have any other questions, please contact us at support@msevensoftware.com


Click here for mSecure for Windows 7 and 8 desktops and laptops.

mSecure for Windows 8 touch keeps your data safe because it uses the ultra-secure 256bit Blowfish encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. More than just a password manager, mSecure provides 19 popular personal information templates with the ability to create custom templates to make data entry a snap! mSecure has an premium Windows 8 touch look and feel with features like search, sort and login assist.


  • Military grade Encryption to protect your data.
  • Your password is never saved anywhere in the software.
  • Auto-lock to protect the app from unintentional disclosure.
  • Backup to keep data safe.
  • Sensitive fields are optionally masked from prying eyes.
  • Security Everywhere™ cloud architecture not dependent on security of cloud service.

Made Simple:

  • Organize your data into groups, mark favorite records, sort by name or by type.
  • Integrated search to locate records quickly.
  • Nineteen standard templates for fast data entry, create custom templates with UNLIMITED fields.
  • Support for 3 new type templates; Identity, Social Security and Passport.
  • Over 270 icons to personalize your records

Security Everywhere:

  • Uses Dropbox to sync data over standard Internet connection, no firewall setup required (must setup Free Dropbox account, install of Dropbox is not required).
  • Import data from competitor products directly or via spreadsheet.
  • Sync multiple devices with multiple desktops.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 8 Tiled UI / Touch (RT, 32bit and 64bit)


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