Press Release: Announcing A Dollar A Download

An Industry and Mindset Leading Philanthropy Project

mSeven introduces "A Dollar A Download" for our mGifts app, starting immediately—stay posted for updates!

We at mSeven Software believe that good business should benefit the community as well as the customer and business owner. Today's community is not just local, but global. We understand that each of us has an affect on our planet and we want that affect to be a positive one.

In light of this, we're initiating "A Dollar A Download" for all purchases of our Gift Management App mGifts- an all-around-gift-organizer app for iOS devices.

Starting immediately, for every download of mGifts, mSeven will donate $1.00 to, a charity of global concern that creates care packages for poverty relief. Visit our page on here

In the spirit of supporting the "micro-to-macro" concept, we want our customers to know that, each time they buy our product, they are not only getting the best software app out there for keeping all their gift purchasing activity managed (plus handily organized), but they are also contributing toward a much-needed cause.

We're very excited and proud to be the first security software app company to offer this initiative. We hope we inspire other software app companies to follow our lead.

As other software app providers get inspired to follow us in practicing business philanthropy methods and participating in our "micro to macro" initiative, we will create a forum page to highlight them as well.

As always, "Thank you," from all us at mSeven, for your support.

Mobile and Password Usage Survey

Mobile and Password Management Survey

mSeven Software wanted to better understand how people managed their password in the era of mobile devices. This online survey consisted of 250+ participants living in the US, mostly people under 35 (see demographics below).

Survey Questions

Q: How many web sites do you need a password to access the site?

Q: What is the primary way you record your logins and passwords?

Q: Do you use a small number of passwords (less than 4) on all of your websites?

Q: How many characters is the password you use to unlock your phone?

Q: Have you ever misplaced your phone or tablet computer at work or in a public place and then retrieved it?

Q: Has your phone ever been lost or stolen and never recovered?

Q: Do you store work data on your personal phone or computing devices, including tablets, laptops or home computers?

Q: If you store your passwords on a computing device, which devices? (Select all that apply)

Demographics of Survey Participants

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mSeven Press Resources

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Reviewer's Guide:

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mSeven in the News

mSeven Software in the News

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